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Catalonien er en region i Spanien, der byder på et utal af aktivitets muligheder til alle aldersgrupper. Besøg vores aktivitetskatalog og få det bedste ud af din ferie!

Ansvarlig Turisme

Living local er en fin mulighed for at benytte "Ansvarlig Turisme", idet den støtter den lokale landbefolkning i Catalonien, Spanien og dermed bevarer de traditionelle leveformer. Renoveringen af de smukke landhuse, med en betydelig respekt for historien, stopper udvidelsen af masseturismen og hjælper med at bevare den fantastisk smukke natur, landbefolkningen, dyrelivet og de kulturhistoriske landboliger i det spanske bondeland.  

Store feriehuse

Vi råder over et stort udvalg af ferieboliger i Catalonien, Spanien for større grupper, hvilket skaber muligheden for at få en uforglemmelig ferie med flere generationer eller venner.

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Enjoying catalonia's scenery from the air is one of the most delicious ways of becoming captivated by this country. Travelling by balloon, flying an ultralight aircraft, drifting in paragliding ... With total safety, these are experiences that you will remember for many years.

The ability to fly has always been one of man's obsessions. There are several ways of doing this but one of the most relaxing is the hot-air balloon. Flying in a balloon over the county of Osona, you will see its villages and towns from an unusual perspective, as well as mountains such as Collsacabra or Pedraforca. On a very clear day and flying at the right height, it is possible to see the whole of Catalonia from the air.

Free flying

Cerdanya and Berguedà offer multiple proposals in ultralight aircraft and paragliding. Another excellent place for practicing free flying is Àger. Located at the foot of the Montsec, thanks to its exceptional natural conditions, this valley has earned an international reputation and hosts innumerable championships each year. For those of you who want to feel the rush of adrenalin, Empuriabrava, in the province of Gerona, is one of the best European centres for learning parachuting. A jump from 4,000 metres up is an experience that is difficult to explain. Two minutes of free fall to be enjoyed with maximum safety.

Trips by air

Following the course of the River Ter, the cross-reservoir trip by balloon takes us from the Sau Reservoir to the Costa Brava, flying over areas of great beauty such as the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of Garrotxa. From Cerdanya, one of the highest and widest valleys of Spain, you can cross the Pyrenees by balloon or go on a magical full-moon night flight. It is also possible to fly over the spectacular mountain range of the Sierra del Cadí by balloon and light aircraft.

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